Welcome to the new website for all things associated with the Trimsaran Scarecrow Trail.

The 2022 Scarecrow Trail is LIVE 🙂

See map below, but if you also want to see pictures, then look at the full map page HERE!


The Winners are:

Map ID 	Address	                
2	21 Garden Suburbs	
3	62 Garden Suburbs	
4	119 Garden Suburbs	
5	110 Garden suburbs	
6	105 Garden Suburbs	
7	180 Garden Suburbs	
8	35 Heol Llanelli	
9	27b Heol llanelli	
10	7 Pleasant view	        
11	56 Trilwm	        
12	Plas Y Sarn	        
13	7 Ar Lan Morlais	
14	64 Heol Morlais	        
15	Talcarn Farm	        

Below are the previous winners from 2021 and 2020.

Also there are pages above that show the previous winners and the other entrants.

When we have all the entries in, then we will publish the map on this site, and announce the winners when we know them.

Do enjoy the trail and celebrate all that is fantastic about our Village.